NSR NVR-9000

  • NVR-9000/VDR is designed to comply with the latest IMO rules of MSC.333 (90), MSC.214 (81).
  • Stores data for minimum 48 hours both in Float-Free Capsule (FFC) and Fixed Protective Capsule (FPC)
  • Stores data for minimum 30 days/ 720 hours in Data Acquisition Unit
  • Record image of two radars and two ECDIS
  • Three separate channel for audio input: one for up to 4 microphones, one for up to 4 microphones, one for 2 VHF audio
  • As standard configuraion, below ports provided: serial port x 24 ch ( 8 ch at DAU and 16 ch at DEU), Digital port x 64 ch (DEU), Analog port x 8 ch (DEU)
  • PC software available for playback & realtime monitoring